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There is Room for You Here

Dear church family, I am grateful for another opportunity to share in meaning mission at Westminster as we focus on the homeless in December.

During this season of darkness and freezing temps, Grace United Methodist Church will offer meals, every night at 5:30 and be the transportation pickup site for church shelters.

Katrin Herd, (founder of No Reservations food truck that has been here twice), is the meal coordinator for by area churches. (They still need volunteers for food every Sunday.)

Church sold weather shelters open when overnight temperatures are 32 degrees or below. Thanks be to God for these churches that are providing up to 230 beds: East Sunshine Church of Christ, capacity of 50 men; Grace United Methodist Church, capacity of 25 women; Asbury United Methodist Church, capacity of 33 individuals with pets; Unity, 25 individuals; Revive 66 Campground, capacity of 50 individuals with pets; and Sacred Heart Catholic Church, capacity of 25 men.

We cannot open our building for a shelter because of our proximity to Delaware school. But we can work at a shelter a couple nights a month from about 7:30 p.m. to 7:30 a.m. to check guests in and out! Overnight volunteers are always paired with another, so they can sleep for a portion of the night and it is very safe.

According to the News-Leader, The Community Partnership of the Ozarks offers an introductory video for folks who are interested in volunteering at a crisis cold weather shelter, available on YouTube at Let me know if you would like to volunteer!

Grateful we are safe and warm this holiday. I give thanks for the gift of Westminster every day and looking forward to sharing this sacred season.

Merry Christmas and love to all--

Pastor Micki

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