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The Days Pass So Quickly Now

This past week has been busy at Westminster--meetings, pastoral calls, newsletter, preparing for World Communion Sunday, and I attended a preaching conference at Brentwood/Trinity. It was a joy to worship with Quinlan and Daniel where they minster. Bridal showers were given for Q both of the Sunday afternoons I was away; there, I gave my daughter the gift I dreamt of passing on for many years—the same quilt my mom gave me at my bridal shower, sewn by my grandmother from her dress fabrics, (likely in the first half of the twentieth century). Both beloved women are gone now—and the quilt has been passed down to the fourth generation, as surely as the love has been passed down as well. Since Q moved home in July, we have shared a million ordinary moments--meeting in the kitchen in the mornings, as she pours a cup of coffee and I steep a cup of tea. Looking forward each evening to the lights of her Subaru pulling into our driveway. Hearing her feet on the stairs. Listening to stories about her day and checking off our endless wedding to-do lists. We have laughed. And cried. (And maybe we annoyed each other occasionally--written with a smile.) It has been the “best of times”. I was often reminded of “old times”--like when Q brought home an award last month, having been named “Outstanding New Staff Member of The Year” at Missouri State. (Okay, forgive my “proud mom moment” but memories of speech and debate trophies, (she qualified for nationals three years in a row), and Leadership Springfield’s award for top leader among all the high school leaders in 2016—they returned to my mind’s eye and made my heart swell again. (If Q reads this, her mom will be in trouble!) I was also misty eyed when I saw her last name printed--after the wedding she will be Quinlan Meade. Q and I watched My Big Fat Greek Wedding, 1, 2, and 3! (And dined at the Greek Belly to celebrate). We laughed and cried through the Barbie movie—attired in the obligatory pink, as you can see in the pic. (Next up? Taylor Swift: The Eras Tour movie.) I bought five different colors of napkins from Amazon just to make sure the gold was the right color for the Gillioz Gallery dinner following the wedding. The alterations required more trips than we had hoped. (I could go on and on…as you can tell, “I wouldn’t have missed it for the world”.) Daniel's family begins arriving tonight—from Hawaii and North Carolina. Spenser will be home soon. My best friend from childhood, Carol, is coming, along with our Youth Minister, Mike, and the Hunter family from Colorado. Vic preached at Westminster in the fall of 2021; he had heart surgery last week. Hoping he will be able to travel. Like all of life, death is interwoven. On Wednesday, my mother’s sister, and my dad’s brother’s wife, Faye Weaver Pulley, will be buried at Maple Park. (The Pulley brothers married the Weaver sisters.) Likely, it will be the last time I see many of these relatives. I will work through noon on Wednesday, then I am off for the funeral and festivities. I am hosting and cooking the rehearsal dinner, (for forty) at our house, on Friday! (Not sure how my brain works.) In the November E-pistle you can count on pics! The wedding is on Sunday, October 8th. There is still much to be done. As John Denver sang, “The days they pass so quickly now; Nights are seldom long”. And as the poet William Blake wrote, See Heaven in a Wild Flower, Hold Infinity in the palm of your hand. And Eternity in an hour. Grateful for this hour. Much love,

Pastor Micki

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