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Preaching, Teaching, and Pastoral Care

Updated: Nov 8, 2023

My heart is full. I love these women so much! Above, you see the faces of my favorite women in ministry in the world, (I missed Charisa from Colorado, Claire from Nashville, and Amy from NYC.) Here you see Carol: Episcopalian, Quinlan: Nondenominational, Micki: Presbyterian, Katie: Disciples of Christ and Candace: Churches of Christ—women serving churches in several states and denominations. Thank you to Bill Piston for preaching for me. I would love to make this event a part of my annual calendar.

When I meet with clergy, I feel energized. Every month I try to represent Westminster at a community event or schedule a meeting with a non-profit ministry partner. In June, Harmony House, (for women); in July, Isabel's House (for children—see the new playground?), and I took a tour of the new Council of Churches facility, (see the intake waiting room?). I am impressed by what churches are doing “together” and my hope is that Westminster’s Mission can become even more connected to all kinds of local ministries.

I love preaching, teaching, and pastoral care, (administrative work is not my fav). This summer I have celebrated the Eucharist with several who are homebound. Pastoral visits (pic above), are always meaningful. Carol’s knitted afghan matched my thrift store attire so she wanted a photo. Each day, we take a step--closer to death. In church we do not walk alone.

At Pastor Time,in July, twenty something gathered at my house, and it was a hoot! At what other church event do you hear true stories about smoking firecrackers in elementary school and being propositioned by a prostitute in China? Try it in August, (try Pastor time that is—not the other things mentioned), 10am on Tuesday, August 8. Our goal? To enjoy life and each other for an hour.

I am sure next month I will have stories to tell and pics to share of the upcoming family wedding on a ferris wheel in Vegas!! Rev. Bill Havens will be on call Aug. 1-7.

Life is a wild and wonderful ride. May we give thanks for the rising of the sun tomorrow--and laugh and cry before it sets.

Much love,

Pastor Micki

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