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Thanksgiving is past: the turkey became a turkey pie; but I am still saving one last piece of my Southern chocolate salty caramel pecan pie! Thanksgiving is one day of the year—it was a beautiful day with family and friends! (Yes, that is our Madeleine in the photo.) It was our first holiday indoors since Christmas, 2019!!

Givingthanks creates joy every day of the year.

Here are some places of givingthanks during my vacation week:

Friday: My kids strung the barely-still-hangable, decades-old tinsel (totally random) in our kitchen, as they do every year. Spenser rediscovered solar powered-head-shaking plastic turkey! After he left, I saw the turkey and tears came. I miss them so, when our house goes back to two. I am now Givingthanks for every time I see that turkey! Loving someone so much that you miss them, is a gift.

Saturday: Givingthanks for having a Saturday off! I went to the MSU football game!

Sunday: Zach Philo lit Westminster’s first Advent candle. I was watching our livestream and felt like a proud mom; Geneva texted me—she was a proud mom! Givingthanks for the outdoor services that brought them our way.

Monday: Givingthanks for time to catch up on grading papers. (Semester ends soon!)

Tuesday: I toured the new Eden Village 2. Upon entering, a man called my name. David?! (Pictured below) He was a member at a previous church; he now lives in one of the tiny houses. We never know how life will turn. Givingthanks for Nate and the Browns who are planning for 5 Eden Villages!

I saw several from Trinity; Chris Miller and I talked shop a bit. A woman, Eileen, called my name. She is so happy to be on our Afghan team!

I ran into an old friend, (former minister who no longer attends a church); we decided to meet up later on Tuesday. We are exploring the possibility of him becoming part of Westminster. Givingthanks that I decided to attend the Eden Village blessing—it was meaningful in many ways.

Wednesday: I met with Lisa and learned that a generous Westminster member gave $6,000 to purchase another camper for the Revive 66 homeless campground!

Givingthanks that I get to pastor a church that gives so much to the goal of “no one sleeping outside”.

Thursday: After a full day back working for Westminster, I drove my sisters to Big Cedar to see the lights. They make me smile in the dark. I hope to see you Sunday.

Givingthanks—for you.

Pastor Micki

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