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Gathering Tree

Gathering Tree led to Eden Village, which led to Revive 66 Campground and Gathering Friends, which has now led to No Reservations. God makes good grow. We are here to help God. To feed the hungry, as David and Linda Brown did when they started handing our food to the homeless, (after they retired), in downtown Springfield.

Westminster has a long history of feeding God's people--through agencies like Crosslines and Well of Life. I believe God works for good in all of them. In all of us. I am grateful to be at Westminster at this time in our history. Whenever we receive a gift of $5,000 or more, we place 10% in our Mission fund; it was out of our Mission Fund that Session voted in June to give $1,000 to a new outreach, No Reservations. Last Sunday, the founder of No Reservations came to Westminster to explain how her church in Republic had a FEMA trailer they weren't using. Katrin decided to train unsheltered men and women to cook and sell food off the food truck; they sell meals for those who have the means to pay for meals (like us), the profit then goes to those who don’t have the means to get a healthy meal. She is creating jobs and life training for those who are housing insecure and helping them learn a trade. And--No Reservations is committed to doing all this with minimal environmental impact. If you would like to follow, click

Janie Galbraith, (Mission), took this pic of our Dee Kent, a devoted volunteer for Gathering Friends, as she gave Katrin Herd the check from Westminster. Now...I am looking forward to hosting an outdoor event so we can enjoy food from the new No Reservations food truck while sharing in mission at the same time!

Love to all--

Pastor Micki

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