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From Generation to Generation

Updated: Jan 12, 2023

I thought of our theme for this new liturgical year, “From Generation to Generation”, as I read this prayer:

A prayer for a new year

We are about to enter the 15 millionth millennium of the universe. We are about to enter the 4.5 millionth millennium of the earth. We are about to enter the 4 millionth millennium of life. We are about to enter the 2,600 millennium of humans. We are about to enter the 4th millennium of the common era. We are who we are today because of all that has existed before us. We carry in our bodies and spirits the struggles and changes, joys and sorrows, loves and hates that have occurred throughout all time. We are called to live with the knowledge and awareness that we are part of all that is and that our decisions have an effect on the quality of life for all beings. We are called to live this connectedness that exists between all members of creation. We are called to put our hands upon creation and speak to it in words and touch, telling it how lovely it is because it cannot remember. We are called to remember loveliness for one another until each of us can remember, believe, and live in love.

—Mary Goergen, O.S.F., via the Social Justice Resource Center This poem reminds me of the second part of our theme for the new year, “There is room for you here”. On the stroke of midnight tonight, you can resolve to be better, if you like… to be fitter, to eat cleaner, to work harder. On the stroke of midnight tonight, you can resolve to become a whole new you, if you so choose. Or, you can take a moment to acknowledge, all you already are. Because it’s a lot. You’re a lot. And you deserve to be commended. On the stroke of midnight tonight, perhaps you could congratulate yourself, for coping. For breaking, again, and for rebuilding, again. For catching the stones life has thrown at you, and using them to build your castle that little bit stronger. You have endured, my friend. And I don’t see the need to resolve to become a whole new you, when you are already so very much indeed. Happy new year. You made it. Now let us face another 365 day-turn, arms wide, accepting, embracing and ‘seeing’ each other, for all we are.. --Donna Ashworth

Truth is told through the arts—poetry and paintings and songs. Last Sunday, Tim preached a wonderful sermon and told us of the lyrics of Happy Xmas (War is Over) by John Lennon. As Christmastide ends, the war in Ukraine continues. Take a listen to U2, Peace on Earth. May it be so.

Love to you all this year and always,

Pastor Micki

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