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Danny Hawkins

With a heavy heart I offer to each of you the opportunity to be the hands and feet of Christ. I have known Danny Hawkins for thirty years and I have said many times, I have never known a kinder, sweeter, more hopeful human. Danny was born with a genetic disorder that he fought valiantly for all of his days. Tuesday, he lost the fight. He passed away in his home with his wife, Lu and son, Daniel. In the room was Susan's red sofa, the big TV from the Sappingtons and the recliner from Jill. Danny knew the love of Westminster. This summer Daniel has been studying the Gospels and what baptism means. We set the date: August 29th. Danny so wanted to live to see Daniel baptized. Now he will know from a distance as he has joined the church triumphant. On August 29th we will still celebrate Danny's life on earth, Daniel's new life in Christ, and Lu will join our church family. In these years of constant medical appointments--where Danny was seen at the National Health Institute and Johns Hopkins in order to help his son, who, sadly, has also inherited the genetic disorder-- the medical bills mounted. The medications exceeded $500 per month. They could not keep up with everything--this week they have no phone and no internet. English is a second language for Lu. Her family in Brasilia is deceased. Her dad died when she was a teenager. Danny was adopted as a teen, after years in foster care. Folks we have an opportunity to make a real difference!

  1. Daniel is 16 and starts school at Glendale on Monday. If you have a teen boy, could you please ask him what guys are wearing these days. Daniel wears 30X32 jeans/pants, medium sized shirts, and size 10 shoes. (He could use a teen friend too.) Want to give clothing?

  2. Lu would love it if someone could help her clean her house. It's been a long road of caring for Danny 24/7. She goes back to work Monday. Could you bring some supplies and help her?

  3. Take food after 5:00, any day, at 1910 E. Edgewood (behind Brentwood shopping center). Anything is appreciated! No need to call first. Can you drop off a dish?

  4. If you prefer to give money--for bills, a phone, school supplies, food, clothes, or Danny's cremation, send a check to the church and write what you wish for it to go to in the memo line. About the cremation--I wasted several hours arguing with funeral homes over the price of cremation. They have doubled the price during Covid! The unpleasant funeral director told Danny's brother, Dennis, that he needed to decide if they could pay for it immediately because his "freezer was filling up!" Other option? Send body to County Coroner--but they would never see the ashes.

  5. Your presence in worship at Westminster on August 29th will mean the world to them--and to me.

Call or email me with questions or to let me know how you would like to help.

Danny and Lu had a remarkable love story that began in their early 20's when he was a missionary in Brasilia. On their porch today, barely able to speak through the tears, Lu said, "He was my world". Danny posted this song, Love of my Life, for Lu a few weeks before his death:

Danny was only 39. He lived and loved with all his might. I am grateful to have known him and grateful for our church family that has welcomed the Hawkins into our hearts. Let's make a miracle happen for the family he has left behind.

If you are wondering, no, I did not go on vacation after all. Perhaps, there will be another time. I am looking forward to seeing each one of you and welcoming our children back to Sunday School.

Say "I love you" to someone today.

I love you.

Pastor Micki

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