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Sunday night I went to Brewco. Dallas and Molly played outside on the rooftop. Sometimes I go alone. Sometimes not. (Have I mentioned I love live music?!) Dallas and I chatted about lawn chairs. I noted my desire for a webbed aluminum one from the ‘60’s, like my parents had. We also talked about a local musician who had been my student, (remember the name Brian Bulger, he’s playing an outdoor concert at Westminster on September 19th).

On Tuesday, our Bible study material asked, “To what extent are you interested in a God who will make your life smoother?” How would you answer? My response? Zero. It’s true--I have no interest in God making my life smoother. I do not ask God for personal favors. I have no notion that I am special to God. I wouldn’t want a God who made my life smoother than that of a homeless human or a child born with a disability or the refugee on the border or…. I worship a just God, who loves all creation with all their might! My prayers are mostly prayers of gratitude. I love God/Jesus/Spirit more than I ever have in my life. That love is such a gift. When I was young I had lots of expectations of God; when they were unmet, doubt was sometimes overwhelming. Epiphany!! Unmet expectations are the source of much of my anxiety. While, thankfully, I am free of expectations for God, I have way too many expectations about humans. Wow. Might I find deeper peace if I just stopped having an interest in others making my life smoother? Yes! Then....Thursday, I received a pic of one of those webbed aluminum lawn chairs from the ‘60’s leaning against Westminster’s entrance. What?! A random act of “unexpected” kindness. I sent a flashing “thank you” GIF to Dallas. I’m betting God got it too. Life is not smooth. But it is sometimes, "unexpectedly", oh so sweet. Thanks be to God.

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