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Autumn Leaves

As the leaves fall: we remembered the beautiful life of our beloved Joanne Greene in a full sanctuary on Thursday evening. As the leaves fall: we prepare to celebrate the lives of several beloved saints this Sunday. As the leaves fall: I am reminded of the most significant death of my life, on an October night, many years ago. Thus, my heart keeps hearing the jazz song: Autumn Leaves by Eva Cassidy (composed by Joseph Kosma in 1945 with original lyrics by Jacques Prévert, "Les Feuilles mortes"). Please click the link to take a listen.

I look forward to Sunday. It will be meaningful for me to hear my dear friend Kelly Helm Smith speak of her Mother, Jeep, and to hear Julie Mercer speak of her mother, Harriet, and others who will be our special guests on Sunday. And as Pastor Appreciation Month comes to an end--my heartfelt thanks to all who sent cards and shared words of encouragement. Thank you also to the Allan and Susan Johnson for their words of support in this E-pistle. Words are my "love language".

With love,

Pastor Micki

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