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Pastor's Report

ession meets next week, as we do the second Monday of each month. Each month I give my Pastor's Report. Unless you are a PK, (preacher's kid), you only see what happens on Sundays. This week, Monday morning began with pastoral counseling, outdoors at Starbucks. By the time I returned home at 5:00, I had spent in-person time with four potential new members and four longtime members. I'd listened and prayed. The conversations focused on substance abuse, loss of memory, death, cancer, love of children, loneliness, and how the Gospel can give meaning to our days. Except for one visit, these were heavy conversations-- pastoral counseling, (not "Porch and Pastor" chats). I shared communion with seven folks in their homes--most of whom are homebound. Monday was a holiday. The office was closed. But the church was open, as always. Ministry happened.

Tuesday began with eleven of us studying the Bible at my house--then off to the building to work on Sunday school classes with Cynthia, Marga and Chris. Back home for a Zoom meeting in the afternoon, then I delivered two Bibles for baptism study.

Wednesday I met Katrin Herd, founder of No Reservations; you will meet her Sunday! Many aspects of ministry are meaningful--pastoral counseling, teaching, and preaching--but mission seems the clearest call of Christ. Wednesday evenings is our podcast recording time--this week I told my story of how I entered ministry. So many emails--to our technology consultant, technology committee, reopening committee, building issues, JCP, musicians and food trucks about another outdoor concert on our church lawn, and to Sarah Muegge about General Assembly in 2022. I nominated one of Westminster's young adults, Maggie Courtney, to represent JCP next summer in Louisville. I looked into borrowing a labyrinth, and I ordered PCUSA calendars and new paper for our bulletins; (disappointed when I picked it up at Staples--hoping for a thicker linen look). I met with a DNA officer about a Back-to-School Bash with Delaware. Madeleine's week was interrupted because our internet went out on Wednesday and again Thursday, hence, the E-pistle was delayed.

Thursday, we finished the worship service liturgy and bulletin. We are hoping to use at least 5,200 fewer sheets of paper this year on bulletins alone, (thus, saving trees and money), by enlarging the print and using lone sheet each week, instead of two. The stewardship of our earth is so important. Friday, after the final copies of the worship bulletin and E-pistle are proofed, I will meet a teen for lunch and then begin focusing on Sunday's sermon. Saturdays, I write all day. This was a fairly typical week, much accomplished and yet it ends with many words on my post it notes of tasks left undone.

Julie took a picture of my visit with the Greenes this week. Thanks to Julie, who provides 24/7 care in their home, they are doing well. Joanne is immunocompromised and thus will not be able to attend worship, but their positive energy is contagious. They are mostly homebound--but fully alive and all three are inspirational!

I go to sleep with the words of Frederick Buechner on my mind, “Life is grace. Sleep is forgiveness. The night absolves. Darkness wipes the slate clean, not spotless to be sure, but clean enough for another day’s chalking.” In Love, Micki

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